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April Merritt

Ilios Digital Organizing                                                                                 


I was born an organizer. As a kid, I'd pull all the books off my shelves just to rearrange them.

We got our first family computer when I was in high school (the early 90's!) and figuring out how it ran and what it could do fascinated me!

In 2008, I had the chance to merge these passions when I went back to school for my Masters in Library Science. Nobody was surprised when I specialized in information organization, description, analysis, and retrieval. 

When I’m not organizing for you, I’m probably having fun organizing for myself, relaxing with some mixed media painting, reading, or writing, and volunteering with the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) both nationally and locally.

When you’re ready to focus on your next smash hit or be able to reach more clients, I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and working with you!


Jessie Carrillo

 A Charming Home                                                                            


Jessie Carrillo is an organizer, home stylist, and owner of A Charming Home. For Jessie, an organized home is all about bringing beauty and intention to daily life. She builds on a decade-long career in art education to reframe the way her clients think about the objects they live with. The result is transformational change in homes across DFW. Jessie lives in Oak Cliff with her husband Abraham, their daughters Cora and Lucy, and basset hound Jenny.


Jenny Wilson

Sweetgrass Organizing


Jenny (she/her) believes everyone deserves a comfortable homeThe name of her company, Sweetgrass Organizing, comes from the book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer where she teaches us that sweetgrass flourishes when humans tend it. So too, our spaces and things serve us better when we give them attention and care. 

Jenny has a husband, Joe, two cats, Jetta and Jemaine, and loves to quilt and read when she's not getting dusty working with people to make their homes comfier.


Libby Huffines

Libby and Labels, LLC


Born into a family prone to clutter, Libby quickly developed a passion for organization and honed her skills of creating order out of chaos.

During her time in college, she organized for family and friends and interned under both local and national professional organizing companies. Shortly after graduating from Texas A&M with a BBA in Finance, Libby returned to Dallas to launch Libby and Labels, LLC in 2017.

Libby previously served as the Director of Professional Development for the NAPO-DFW Chapter from 2017-2019 and also served on the NAPO National Membership Committee from 2019-2023.

Libby delights in bringing order to the homes of her clients in the DFW area.



Laura Yeh

Endlessly Organized


Laura is the owner of Endlessly Organized where she enjoys helping clients organize their homes as well as their routines and tasks.  

As a little girl, Laura dreamed of becoming a professional violinist.  In 2003, She completed her degree in violin performance from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and found her first dream job as Suzuki violin teacher and owner of a music school in her hometown of St. Louis, MO.   After homeschooling her son and being a stay-at-home mom, Laura found her second dream job right here in Texas as a professional organizer.  

As an educator at heart, Laura particularly loves helping clients learn the skills and habits needed to maintain an orderly lifestyle.  When she is not organizing, she loves to travel to new places with her family as well as read classic mysteries.  Laura lives in Southlake with her husband and her very entertaining teenage son.


April Merritt



Ashley Barnett

Organization Saves Lives



Lauren Stinnett

Order in Your Court

Ever since Lauren was five years old, she can remember cleaning up any mess, organizing toys, color coding and cataloging her clothes and cleaning up friends' rooms so their parents would let them play.  

Lauren grew up in Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Oklahoma and then moved to New York City to work in the event planning world. Though New York City was her dream, she chose to move back closer to home and landed in Dallas, Texas, to continue her career in the events world. Taking a step back once COVID-19 hit, she is now a new mom to a sweet baby boy, a fur mom and wife! What better time to launch her dream of owning and operating her own organizing company! Coming up with a name was easy! Her late father was a Municipal Judge in her hometown for over 23 years. Her father was and still is her hero so she has passed the theme of his long-time career not only to her fur baby Judge but now to her company, Order In Your Court.  

She loves sharing her gift for organization. Each day she finds new and creative ways to organize and teach the art of organization to her clients. She is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter, serving as the Director of Professional Development Board Member.   


Debby Rogers

Precious Goods Brokerage






Sandy Jones

Someday Organizing


Sandy originally hails from beautiful San Diego, California – but got to Texas as she fast as she could in 2005 and loves it!  While settling in to her new home, a new friend asked her who organized her office?  When Sandy said “I did”, this friend asked her if she’d come over and make some “suggestions” about organizing her own office.  Sandy asked questions and listened, then made some suggestions.  Her friend stated that she had hired Professional Organizers in the past, but had felt no one had asked the questions that were necessary in order to create a solution that worked for HER.  Having never heard of a “Professional Organizer”, Sandy delved into the subject, got hooked, and she’s been learning and growing ever since.

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