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Change Begins With An Open Heart

October 19, 2013 8:11 PM | Debbie Stinson

We all resist change to some degree.  I lost my sweet dog Abbey a year ago.  I resisted starting all over with a new dog for quite some time.  Abbey had been with me for so long and we knew each other’s routines and habits pretty well.  Near the end of her life she needed a lot of special care and I felt I needed time to grieve and revive.

At the end of July I was glancing at the Facebook newsfeed as I sat on my back patio enjoying the moonlight.  I saw a photo of a cute little Westie looking dog. My friend was trying to find a home for this dog that had run up to him in his yard.  I sensed right away that this cute little dog might fit perfectly with our family. 

I showed Jeff the photo and he immediately wanted me to find out more about this fluffy white dog.  He had been bugging me for months about getting another dog! He was thrilled!

After communicating with my friend throughout the next day and getting some basic questions answered, we went to meet our new family member the very next evening.  We fell in love with him at first sight. 

What is really cool about this whole experience is that I was not 100% ready for change in my life. However, when I opened my heart and mind to the possibilities that change allows, I began to see how welcoming this sweet little fluffy friend, (whom we named Manny) brought such a positive impact on my life.

Manny has changed my life in several ways:

  1.  I love taking walks outside, but I would always find other things that I “had to do” first.  Now we have a  routine and we “get to” enjoy the outdoors together on our daily walks.
  2.  He has taught me to slow down as I take time to teach him commands like sit, stay, come and quiet. 
  3.  He has taught me how to just sit and be still because he loves to curl up on the couch with us.
  4.   He reminds me to take time to play and have fun.  He loves his little stuffed monkey and he loves chasing it as it soars through the air.

This change came into my life without much action on my part.  I was just willing to accept it in my life.  Change may come to you in different ways.  One change usually causes another. 

Here are a few ways you can start the waves of change in your own life:

  •       Removing clothes you are tired of from your closet.
  •       Rearranging your office to work more efficiently.
  •       Cleaning out the pantry so the food reflects the eating habits you would like to practice.
  •       Removing items from your site that tie you the past and may be keeping you from moving forward.

Sometimes making waves by creating change in your environment sends a ripple effect through your life and leads to many new beginnings.

What possibilities may be waiting for you as you welcome change?


Peace and Progress,

Deb Stinson

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