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Before you pack away your Spring & Easter Decorations...

April 21, 2014 7:39 PM | Sandy Jones


Evaluate your decorations each and every year. Set a goal to keep only what you love and fits your current decorating style.  If an item is damaged, faded, or is missing pieces, let it go.

Reduce the need for decoration storage by using edible or natural accents such as like flowers, greens and real eggs along with treats like chocolate bunnies and pastel candies in decorative jars that can later be eaten or gifted - with no need to store for an entire year!

At the end of the Easter season, pack an "Open First" box. In a single box or on the top section of the packed box, place all of the things you need first. You will eliminate the need to open every bin or box find these immediately needed items and they will be easy to access.

Keep your most fragile items at the top of a box.  This will help avoid anything getting crushed by larger items.

Start saving egg cartons for next year. They are THE best storage for decorative and plastic eggs.  Yes, you CAN toss them all into a bag. But, when you store them in an egg carton - all "partners" stay together, they avoid getting crushed or cracked, and they stack fabulously in your storage bins!

Yes, it takes a little more time, but it is worth it.  They are also great for miniature Easter tree ornaments, and “resurrection” ornaments

Tip: Spray your egg carton with a dissenfectant first.

Finally, this Easter, I commented on the hardest gum I’ve ever seen at a friend’s house, prompting this last tip…Empty all of your plastic eggs before you store them for the year! Year old candy is pretty funny when found, but can attract pests, can create a mess, and is… not so tasty.

Sandy Jones,

Simply Organized by Sandy


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