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7 Quick Steps for Spring Cleaning your Workspace

April 14, 2014 2:16 PM | Sara Genrich

The warmer temperatures, colorful flowers and breezy days are all the season’s signs of refreshment and renewal.  The spring season beckons me to organize closets, work in the yard, plant flowers and spruce up my home.

Spring Cleaning isn’t just for your home.  You can clean up your office too!  Let the season of new beginnings kick off a fresh start at work.   Chances are you have been buried in year-end financials, budgets, deals and tax preparation during the winter months.   The following checklist will guide you through your office Spring Cleaning.  Keep in mind that cleaning and organizing at work is not a waste of precious work hours.   This process will help you become a more efficient and organized worker.  Before you get started, read through the checklist and tailor it to meet your individual work area. 

Bookshelves     Remove any books, magazines and items you no longer need, enjoy or are outdated.  Dust the shelves and any remaining pictures and trinkets.  Organize books and magazines for quick reference. 

Computer          Backup your hard-drive, wipe down your screen and keyboard.  Spend a few minutes cleaning up your email file by deleting unnecessary messages, and unsubscribing to newsletters and ads. 

Papers                Discard/shred any documents you no longer need.  File away the papers you need to keep on your desktop, credenza and shelves. 

Files                     Clean out files by going through them and discarding or moving to your reference files any old, outdated materials.  (For example, old insurance policies, older tax filings, contracts, bank statements, medical insurance paperwork, etc.).  Reorganize your files so the ones you access the most often are the easiest for you to reach. 

Drawers              Organize your desk drawer so the items you access the most are closest to you.  Put similar items together in separated compartments.  Refill supplies as necessary. 

Task List            Write down or record electronically all To-Do items down on your task list as you are organizing and cleaning.

Desktop              Dust and clean off the desktop with the appropriate cleaner for the surface.

This quick cleanup will be worth your effort.  When you enter the office, you will feel less stressed and more energized to get started on your day.  Happy Spring Cleaning!


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